Cardboard Keep
Based in Canberra, Australia

Release date:
8 April 2016

PC/Mac/Linux (April 2016)
Steam (April 2016)
Humble (April 2016)
Itch.io (April 2016)
Xbox One (TBA)
More consoles (TBA)


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Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth is a third-person action-adventure game inspired by the genre classics of the N64-era. Trapped in an ancient forest, a young prince searches for a lost god. Here he befriends the spirit of a young girl and a volatile child, and they quickly find their destinies intertwined. Players control all three protagonists as they explore an overgrown fantasy landscape, meet its strange and wonderful inhabitants, and overcome the ancient magic and puzzles protecting it. All this is wrapped in an interactive, non-linear story that challenges allegiances and true intentions. In order to survive and bring balance to the forest, your combat, platforming and puzzle-solving skills will be put to the test!


Cardboard Keep began work on their first large title, Warden, in October 2013 after they made eight one-day prototypes to explore potential future projects. We selected Warden as we were dying to make a game where we could tell a story, and build a world players could genuinely explore and become invested in.


  • Switch between three playable characters, each with unique abilities, personalities and interactions
  • Explore a colourful, hand-painted 3D world
  • Full-length melodic soundtrack that varies for each level and area within
  • Story-driven campaign spread across the world, that tells the tale of world and your place inside it
  • Meet the friendly denizens making a living in the forest
  • A vivid fantasy landscape to explore, filled with exotic creatures and terrifying monsters
  • Over sixty different weapons with varying strengths and attack styles. Take any weapon a slain enemy used and manage your inventory as weapons lose durability and break
  • Challenging puzzles, hidden secrets and mysterious riddles
  • Windows, Mac and Linux support
  • Supports Xbox 360, Xbox One, Dual Shock 4 and Steam Controllers (Controller recommended)


2016 Release Trailer YouTube

2015 "Explore" Trailer YouTube

PAX Aus 2014 Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Cardboard Keep talks Warden on Spiral's Twitch Stream @ PAX Aus 2014  YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Independent Games Showcase Winner" iFest Canberra 2015

Selected Articles

  • "If nostalgia for a golden era of gaming was what this dev team aimed to capture I think they well and truly succeeded."
    - Stephanie 'Hex' Bendixsen, Good Game: Spawn Point
  • "The world was fascinating to explore and offered plenty of secrets to discover, whilst the game’s platforming and puzzles were great fun."
    - Daz, Use A Potion
  • "Like a wonderful piece of art, the hand-painted scenes are incredibly expressive, coming alive with both colour and character."
    - Stephen Mitchell, 'Grab It' Magazine
  • "The look and playability of it at such an early stage is encouraging."
    - Jeremy "Junglist" Ray, Kotaku

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Development Blog
We document the process of developing Warden at cardboardkeep.com.

About Cardboard Keep

Cardboard Keep is a small team making big games. Based in Canberra, the capital of Australia, Cardboard Keep was founded in 2013 by AIE graduates and is made up of 3 full-time developers and several part-time and external collaborators. CK aspires to build a low-stress and creative environment for its developers, and create meaningful, long-lasting games for its players. After launching 5 smaller games over their first two years, CK is now working on their first big project, Warden, slated to release in 2015.

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Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth Credits

Calum Spring
Lead Programmer, Technical Designer, Producer - Cardboard Keep

Timothy Bermanseder
Lead Artist, Level Designer, Technical Artist - Cardboard Keep

Rob Krix
Rigger, Animator - Cardboard Keep

Morgan Little
Writer, Narrative Designer - Cardboard Keep

Shane Mesa

James Wakeham
Additional Audio Programming and QA

Zac Bermanseder
Additional Tools Programming

Tommy Gough
Collaborating Musician

Joseph Tamayo
Collaborating Musician, Male Warden Voice Acting

Beau Brandon
Collaborating Musician

Jenni Hay
Female Warden Voice Acting

Paul Summerfield
Collaborating Concept Artist

Laura Pickering
Collaborating Concept Artist

Tucson Bagley
Collaborating Concept Artist

Marco Chau
Collaborating 3D Artist

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