Bullet Hell, Heaven and Everything in Between!

Witch Thief is a 3D bullet-hell, set in a quirky fantasy realm. Play as the snarky Witch on a quest to steal the greatest magical Grimoire from the Last Immortal. Dodge and weave through endless waves of deadly projectiles, overcome a cast of quirky mages, unlock new heroes and discover the true power of the Grimoire.


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Dodge intricate bullet patterns

Terrifyingly intricate storms of bullets will rain down as you journey on your quest. Study, learn and apply your dodging skills to outmaneuver the incoming perils. Touching even one bullet will kill you - so beware!

Unique Bullet-Hell Perspective

Unlike other Shmups, Witch Thief gives you control of a full 3D camera. Witness bullet hell from a whole new perspective!

Unlock a range of quirky playable characters

Choose to play one of many magicians, each clawing for the Ancient Grimoire, determined to let nothing stand in their way. Experience fresh new dialogue, different bosses and unique spells to achieve their goals.

Battle Relentless Bosses

Your path is not an easy one. Face insane bosses, wielding great magical power and unleashing torrents of complex bullet patterns. They will stop at nothing to protect the Grimoire.

Unravel a world of mystery

Piece the stories of every character together to Uncover what drives the defenders of the Grimoire, and learn the plans of the Last Immortal.


The Witch Thief

Forever grinning, the only thing Witch Thief Charlotte wants more, is the things she’s not allowed to have. Prefering the direct approach, causing quite a racket as she kicks in the front door. Unique amongst witches for being able to absorb and “steal” any and all magic hurled her way. Often the thing she’s trying to steal is the guards very own magic!

The Witch Sage

Evelyn studies and keeps the archives of ancient magics amongst the high Witch societies, much preferring to sit with a cup of tea and a book than go out. However when she learned that a grimoire had been discovered, she knew she could not sit idly by lest someone else fell to its corruptions.

The Forest Wolf

A denizen of the forest, the Baal Hannan is drawn towards all things magical and seeks to consume them, taking their essence and becoming stronger herself. Her ancient origin in the forest is unknown and she is unlikely to chat with you about it unless over dinner.

The Angel of Firepower

Hailing from a distant land, the Celeste is a warrior dedicated to her craft, however trained as she is to hold the line against the most perilous threat, she is a soldier first and not a commander. Thus she tends to take things too literally.

The Sword Maiden

Eloise is a brash and young magician. Almost all her life has taken place within the Castle and she remembers little of when her sister brought her here. With only the few denizens of the Castle to keep her company, she has dived deep into her studies of magic combining it with her love of swordcraft.

The Bishop

A towering doll, one of the Doll Maker’s finest creations. The Bishop serves as the conduit through which all the doll servants are controlled. As such, the dolls and the Bishop begun to worship their sacred seamstress, constructing the Grand Cathedral in her honour and their blind devotion.

The Doll Maker

Lucinda is the current owner of the Castle, she came with her sister in tow to delve into its great libraries the magical knowledge of immortality. It was in this pursuit that she came upon the murmurings of the Grimoire and uncovered with its aid how to bring true life to her doll servants.


The Misted Forest

The dark forest of mists is home to strange creatures of magic, drawn towards the emanations of magic from the forest heart. The magic is thick in the air here.

The Castle Gates

Found deep within the forest, the Castle gates are vigilantly guarded from those that find their way through the forest. This place is not a safe haven.

The Castle Halls

The tall Castle Halls have long served as both the training grounds and shrine of those that study the blade.

The Castle Gardens

Found between halls of the Castle, these gardens open to the fresh air of the sky and are a lovely place to sit, read and have a cup of tea.

The Grand Cathedral

Blessed are they that may walk upon these hallowed halls, for this is the heart of the magical dolls that serve the Castle. Here they congregate to hear the sacred word of the seamstress.

The Chapel of Dolls

These Chapels are found throughout the castle, often a place dolls gather when their duties have been completed.

The Great Library

Deep within the castle lays a vast treasure of books. The accumulated magical knowledge here is so vast the air trembles with energy as the pages flicker in their bindings. Spells perhaps best forgotten, seeking to be free.

The Garden of Knowledge

Nestled within the great Library lays a place of silent calm. Here all but the most powerful of spellbooks can be read in peace, free from the shivering intellect found throughout the Library.

The Royal Sitting Chambers

Those that seek audience with the long distant royal family marveled in the waiting rooms of the castle.

The Throne Room

Here lays the long unused throne of a kingdom now forgotten. It was buried here that the Grimoire was found, and from here that it’s poisonous thoughts tainted the minds of the entire castle and bent them to its will.


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